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Full Body THERAPEUTIC Massage

It is based on Swedish massage techniques. Its action is in the muscles as well as in the all the functions of the body. It reduces muscle tension. You can find its usefulness in cases where it is desired to remodel a particular area or to reduce a pain area or blockage of certain groups of muscles. The efficiency of segmental massage is great because the frequency with which it will be done will be greater, as the desired results are obtained faster. Some examples of massages on areas: cervical, lumbar, thigh, foot, buttocks, hips, etc. Segmental massage has a positive effect in the removal of stress, fatigue, insomnia, migraines, digestive disorders and blood pressure.

The duration of any segmental massage is 10 to 20 minutes, 60 min full body!


The deep tissue massage maneuvers are running alongside, but also against muscle fibers and tendons. The basic feature of this type of massage is the intense pressure applied by the therapist on areas with chronic muscular tensions. Applying pressure on the muscles, they will get rid of tension and discomfort.

Besides the role of muscle contraction, this type of massage also helps eliminate toxins from the body.


Massage is done with coconut oil with special herbs made after ayurvedic( old indian medicine) knowleges According to Ayurvedic tradition, illness, suffering, unhappiness or tension occur when we are not in line with our inner nature. In other words, when we forget about us and let ourselves swallow up everyday tasks without doing something for us. In Sanskrit," Ayu" means life and "Veda" means knowledge, so a proper translation for Ayurveda would be "knowing life." Ayurvedic massage is about knowing yourself and, according to your dosha (or your physical, mental and energetic constitution), massage will be tailored to your needs. The massage helps your body to get in balance, relax and energyse at all levels-fisic, mental, emotional, spiritual.

REGENERATING Massage in combination with

Tachyon energy

The massage is done in combination with Tachyonic energy. This experience promotes integration of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy bodies, leading to calm, and centered clarity! It not only feels great, it will also enhance any healing process that needs to take place at any level of your being.

The huge energizing effect may cause detoxification symptoms during the first few times.

Can improve the quality your life and Intense dreams, sweating, heat, discomfort, etc. will vanish after a short time.

There are needed at least 5 sessions to get certain results.

One session of 90 min.

DETOX Massage/ LYMPH Drainage & Organs(Abdominal) Massage. The procedure consists of a preso-massage that acts on the lymph node chain. This therapy proposes eliminating all toxins not assimilated by the body during the cellular synthesis process. Imagine your lymph system as a toxin filtering system! Like any filtration system, it has to be "cleaned" from time to time and lymphatic drainage is the most effective and at the same time the most relaxing method in this regard. It is the deepest form of detoxification of the body, to which every person should resort, at least a few times a year. Cellulite, water retention, a weakened immune system, poor circulation and even wrinkles are the consequences of a "clogged" or full of toxin filtering system. Lymphatic drainage prevents and treats these problems, while also offering a well-deserved relaxation.

COUPLE Massage

A tandem massage or couple massage can be personalized by choosing any of the 2 massages, the possibilities of such a massage being multiple, depending on the needs of each of those 2 who experience this massage.

A couple massage is a wonderful and very relaxing personal experience. During this session, 2 people benefit from massage at the same time and in the same room from 2 therapists. It has the same benefits as any other type of massage, but as a bonus, it creates a deep connection between those who benefit! This massage is a special occasion that binds the two in a deep state. They can talk or relax and enjoy the experience. Even when no words are spoken, experience brings them closer to each other.

It's perfect for any type of couple: Even if we think of a romantic experience, the couple can represent 2 members of a family or 2 dear friends. Mother-daughter relationship can become closer through this experience


This massage is an optimal solution to relieve any discomfort . You can choose therapeutic massage, relaxation massage, lymph drainage, wellness.

The disorders and complications induced by deficient blood circulation as well as lazy lymph flow are found on the list of specific indications.

4-hand massage remains a favorite of those who want to get rid of fatigue and stress, the unsightly skin of the skin affected by cellulite and stretch marks, and who feel the urgent need for detoxification and relaxation.


You have probably heard about reflexology and its beneficial effects in various affections.

Reflexology is a special technique of digital massage that is based on the relationship between certain areas of the skin and the activity of the human body's devices and systems. If you start a weight loss diet, reflexology can be very helpful. Can be used to prevent and treat many imbalances and illnesses.

Chakra BALANCE with Tachyons Crystals

It is a therapy with special Tachyons crystals which additionally help you to balance the chakra system (7 main energetic points on your body) resulting a very fast distress on a mental and physical level, well being, more centred and relaxed, emotionally balanced.

The session is between 20 and 30 min.(minimum 5 sessions) .

Reiki healing

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique in which the healer puts his hands on different points on the patient's body and channel the energy.

Reiki is useful for everybody because in the long run it creates more harmony and balance in the body and mind, which is necessary to maintain good health. We become more resistant to increasing stress, pollution in the environment and chemicals put into food-products. Reiki can help a lot with psychosomatic problems as well.

Reiki can be a real help for the following problems:

-depression, stress,

ameliorates allergy and migraines

calming muscle pain and joints pain

calming arthritis pain, eliminate toxins.

Reiki energy is strengthen the immune system, improve memory and concentration and creats inner harmony.

Can remove physical and psychical blockages, supports another treatment,

increase body resistance to stress and diseases

Craniosacral therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a form of alternative therapy using gentle touch to manipulate the synarthrodial joints of the cranium. A practitioner of cranial-sacral therapy may also apply light touches to a patient's spine and pelvis. Craniosacral therapy is a technique used to balance the craniosacral system and balance the physical, emotional tensions in the body. It is also a method of evaluation and correction that stimulates the natural process of the body of self-correction and self-healing, and the individual mechanism of natural healing and dissipation of negative effects.

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Neck & Shoulder

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Hot Stone Massage

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Couples Massage

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