offer: 60 min/400 KR

 Full body massage.Its action is in the muscles as well as in the all the functions of the body. It reduces muscle tension. You can find its usefulness in cases where it is desired to remodel a particular area or to reduce a pain area or blockage of certain groups of muscles. The efficiency of segmental massage is great because the frequency with which it will be done will be greater, as the desired results are obtained faster. -60 min

Price 800 kr for 60 min


offer:  60 min/450 kr

The massage is focus on special points and this technique helps the body to release mental and emotional stress and the tension in the muscles. Can be full body massage or only on segments of the body.( head, shoulders, neck)-60 min

Price  850 kr


offer : 60 min/500 kr

LYMPH Drainage & Organs(Abdominal) Massage.

The procedure consists of a preso-massage that acts on the lymph node chain. This therapy proposes eliminating all toxins not assimilated by the body during the cellular synthesis process. Imagine your lymph system as a toxin filtering system! Like any filtration system, it has to be "cleaned" from time to time and lymphatic drainage is the most effective and at the same time the most relaxing method in this regard. It is the deepest form of detoxification of the body, to which every person should resort, at least a few times a year. Cellulite, water retention, a weakened immune system, poor circulation -60 min

 Price kr 1000


  offer: 400 kr for 60 min

Reflexology is a special technique of digital massage that is based on the relationship between certain areas of the skin and the activity of the human body's devices and systems. If you start a weight loss diet, reflexology can be very helpful. Can be used to prevent and treat many imbalances and illnesses.-60 min

Price 800 kr

Lymph Draining

900 kr


Offer  : 750 kr/60 min

Relaxation massage for 2 people same time. it is done by a man and a woman.